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Who We Are

The home of Australia’s first 7sec xr6 turbo

Dyno-Mite Performance was established by two brothers; Simon and Dion, who have always shared a passion for high performance cars.


As long as they can remember they have always been involved with performance vehicles. As children they watched their father race and as they grew older they followed in their fathers footsteps and began racing and working on various performance race cars. With their experience and knowledge of motorsport and engines they began working on performance and racing cars and hence their business began almost twenty years ago now.

Whilst they work on performance cars these days they still have a passion for racing and believe that you need to be in it to understand what performance vehicles and passion is all about. Dyno-mite Performance is a company with the belief that whatever the vehicle, it has the ability to achieve more performance and with their expertise they are ready to unleash that power.
Dyno-Mite Performance understands it's not just the car but the driver as well and therefore they guarantee to take the time to explain and listen to an individual's needs, no matter how radical they may sound and therefore providing different levels of performance to each individual vehicle and driver.

Dyno-Mite Performance is all about achieving ultimate performance using the latest equipment in the automotive industry.