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COMP Cams® manufactures truly superior hydraulic and

solid flat tappet, hyd and mechanical roller,and overhead camshafts

for everything from OE replacement full race applications.


Visit the Comp Cams website



Carrillo Industries is recognized as one of the finest manufacture

of connecting rods for high performance engines. The Carrillo connecting

rod is precision, high strength quality piece.


Visit the Carrillo website



Argo connecting rods Argo produce a large range of conrods for all makes

and models and carry several of the more popular engine models as stock lines,

we are able to custom make any of the conrod you require.


Visit the Argo website



JE Pistons manufactures the highest quality pistons and components that

professional engine builders, race teams and high quality performance

enthusiast’s alike trust and rely on.


Visit the JE Pistons website



Auscranks manufacture crankshafts in nodular cast iron, forged non-twist and

also billet. Auscrank have manufactures crankshafts for clients such as the

Holden Motor Company and Ford’s high performance car division ‘Tickford’.


Visit the Auscranks website



Castrol are worldwide producers and marketers of synthetic and

conventional motor oil and lubricants.


Visit the Castrol website



Brodix cylinder heads, it remains the foremost goal of BRODIX Inc. to

develop the highest quality, most innovative and dependable products.

By working to learn, develop, and improve, they are ensuring future

success to make BRODIX Inc. and their customers stand above the competition.


Visit the Brodix website



AFR cylinder heads, as very engine builders will attest to, the secret to increasing

horsepower and performance lies in the cylinder head, and the Airflow Researcher’s

cylinder heads claim to outflow and out horsepower everything in their league.


Visit the AFR Cylinderheads website



Racing teams in all forms of motorsports rely on Edelbrock to produce parts

that they can count on to win races and championships. “Proven Performance” is the

philosophy that began with Vic Sr. in 1938 and it continues today with the same high

standards of performance and quality.


Visit the Edelbrock website



Donovan engineering has been making aluminium racing engine blocks for

over 30 years. For leading race engine builders who win by design, Donovan

gives you the finest materials and latest engineering.


Visit the Donovan website



The Dart company has expanded its product line; which inclu8des aluminium

and cast-iron engine blocks that are designed to meet the specialised needs of racers

and performance enthusiast’s.


Visit the Dart website



Del West titanium valves. Over 20 years later Del West offers a racing product line which

has made the company the undisputed world leader in lightweight valvetrain components.


Visit the Del West website

The Holley line includes performance fuel pumps, fuel injection, intake manifolds, cylinder

heads and engine dress-up products for street performance, race and marine applications.


Visit the Holley website



When you’re looking to go fast, rely on NOS to deliver the most powerful per dollar available.

From stock engines to race vehicles, jet skis to trucks, NOS has a kit for you.


Visit the Nos website